Indianapolis Zoo International Veterinary Training Program

By Siska Sulistyo

11 December 2018 |Updated: 11 December 2018

Following their active involvement in OVAG since 2017, Indianapolis Zoo has seen great potential in the Indonesian vets joining the OVAG workshops, and therefore has created a training program in their zoo. 

This program will host up to two Indonesian vets working in orangutan/wildlife centers and show high dedication to contribute in wildlife conservation in the country. The Zoo will cover for all expenses, including plane tickets and acccomodation in the US. The program will take place in 2019 for 3-4 week period. 

The call for application has been shared within the OVAG mailing group and social media (see here) , and has been closed in November 2018. In total, there are 13 applications that were considered.

Currently the committee is deciding among the final 6 candidates who is going to win the scholarship. The winners will soon be announced.