Initiated by Orangutan Conservancy and supported by Chester Zoo, the Orangutan Veterinary Advisory Group (OVAG) aims to bring together those working with orangutans in order to share expertise, knowledge and the exchanging of ideas to move forwards with effective orangutan conservation.

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OVAG is part of the international team, including the IUCN primate specialist group, putting this online centre together. Find out more HERE.

Communication between conservationists and scientists is crucial to moving forwards with orangutan conservation. The many projects working to protect this endangered animal are doing an amazing job and to strengthen their work, contact between field projects, sanctuaries, zoos, academia and government in a range of countries, is crucial.

This consolidation of experts from a wide variety of Indonesian and Malaysian organisations improves their individual impact and empowers them to lead on conservation concerns with a united voice, enabling appropriate in-country solutions. As a One Health programme, OVAG utilises the orangutan example to provide participants skills in ecosystem health.

To see who we are working with and links to their websites please visit partners, participating organisations and collaborators in the 'work with us' section.